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Season 36 Reserve List UKBBL Main League

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Posted 08 August 2010 - 01:56

Reserve List for Season 36 - Last Update 22:00 08/05/2019
Conference Admins: gcoleman76, Dudster & Lyracian
Green - Made contact via PM ready to start
Red - No answer when ivited to join.
Purple - Playing in Conferences
Blue - Check for next season.
Pink - Not yet ready to play.

Coach Name
1. ConflictDiamond - Will Maintain Highest Slot on reserve list as ex commissioner.
1a. Verbal_HM
2. Vulture Squadron - Not able to play in S36
3. Throweck
4. MrNiceman - Not able to play at the moment
5. BruceOctaine
6. MoshNinja - Next Season
7. Elodius - Not able to play at the moment
8. Gurgeh
9. JamesJenks92
10. Chugmanmilk
11. Lord Owl
12. Etimmed
13. Bedduah
14. Zinz
15. Montagne Blitz
16. BucketofLithium
17. Dark apostle
18. Ringtail
New Players during season below this line
19. Darkgoat - Not able to play at the moment
20. Grammaton

21. Ocky

22. Deatric

23. Raaaiderrrrs


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