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Well, the winning streak didn't last long - held to a 1-1 draw against a rookie necro team - Chaney was the big difference though - didn't need his Loner and broke armour more than not... a tough game...
Apr 10 2018 18:43
  • BFalcon's Photo
    Hmm... someone I know said that... thought it was you, ah well.
    Apr 12 2018 17:39
  • MrPingwin's Photo
    Don't you need more than one win in a row for it to count as a streak? ;)

    Apr 13 2018 18:08
  • BFalcon's Photo
    So it's an unbeaten streak then... :P

    And that'll come to a halt next game probably - got another necro game and this one's giving ME a whole shipload of inducements... :(
    Apr 13 2018 18:49