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Itchen Masack

33spp away from my first ever Legend player. Ignoring the fact I've just cursed him to die, that's feels wrong as I've been playing this version of the game for 10 years!
Jan 22 2020 22:04
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    Itchen Masack
    I'm pretty sure you have deliberately misunderstood what I said (whatever that was)! :P I have said Humans will never win the league, and have probably said Elves will not dominate in long running leagues. Dunno what it is you remember :D

    Just thought it was amusing I've never stuck with a team long enough to get a legend.
    Jan 25 2020 12:18
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    Itchen Masack
    This mostly one-Ian team pumps all it's spps into that Ian. If he dies we're screwed lol
    Jan 25 2020 12:19
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    Holy Crap Itch !!

    Good luck!
    Feb 24 2020 18:32