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Itchen Masack

33spp away from my first ever Legend player. Ignoring the fact I've just cursed him to die, that's feels wrong as I've been playing this version of the game for 10 years!
Jan 22 2020 22:04
  • Waleed's Photo
    Hope you manage it..been playing 9+ year of PC BB...and NEVER managed it - even when sticking with teams..,
    May 02 2020 12:27
  • Itchen Masack's Photo
    Itchen Masack
    4spps away now. Was heading in for a certain TD, tried a block along the way/ Triple skull :D
    May 02 2020 19:09
  • Itchen Masack's Photo
    Itchen Masack
    He's only gone and bloody made it :D MVP for the win!
    May 14 2020 19:47