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Itchen Masack

Pappa, my troll has 46 successful blocks and 5 spp, from the time he was mvp. Useless!
Apr 03 2019 21:15
  • Itchen Masack's Photo
    Itchen Masack
    hehe cheers Bob. It doesnt count the turnover blocks. Which are many :P

    Apr 05 2019 09:39
  • Itchen Masack's Photo
    Itchen Masack
    52 appears to be the charm! Match 11 and he got a CAS. Rolled an 11 on Level Up too. The git.
    Apr 18 2019 07:05
  • Bob and My Yak's Photo
    Bob and My Yak
    lol - perfect :D Hope you did the right thing!
    Apr 18 2019 22:48