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Gobbo rolls +Str. I'm starting to love this team with its stat boosts and doubles :).
Nov 29 2017 16:01
  • Waldorf's Photo
    Just noticed that Pidpad's UW team in LFW have *two* +Str Goblins!
    Dec 01 2017 21:37
  • BFalcon's Photo
    I'd not worry - Pidpad's got most of last-season's DFW to contend with - including the 3 chaos, 1 lizard and Norse - joined by 2 Orc teams too... the only saving grace might be that there's too few agility teams in there for people to take Tackle...
    Dec 02 2017 09:56
  • Waldorf's Photo
    Yes I have a pending skill-up for a Blitzer but was going to wait for the fixture list before deciding which way to go with him. If the season is front-loaded with Elves it'll have to be Tackle.
    Dec 02 2017 10:24