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Am I the only one that thinks this game is totally randomless? What doggy compensation has Cyanide put inside...
Sep 20 2017 22:10
  • EDSGamingHD's Photo
    If it was then there would be no real Bloodbowl coachs either playing or buying it.
    Sep 22 2017 08:38
  • BFalcon's Photo
    "Doggy compensation"? If this game caused a bonio or gravy bone or other treat to drop from the computer every time she blocked someone, I could probably teach my dog to play BB - sounds like a plan to me! :P
    Sep 22 2017 11:42
  • JimboDeany's Photo
    Pretty sure "Doggy compensation" is something Schaef has to budget for....
    Oct 13 2017 21:06