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UKBBL Code of Conduct

Member Conduct

1. We would like to maintain a high standard of member conduct from day one and have this reflected in every aspect of the community.

2. Verbal abuse, racist comments, religious hatred, homophobia, offensively sexist and any other negative behaviour will not be tolerated (this includes team, player and stadium names). No-one likes to lose games but we expect all members to act cordially at all times not only within the community but also on any other associated forums/websites, especially in the event players decide to have league references in their signatures.

League Applications

3. The league is a UK-based entity yet we do not impose restrictions on coach applications. However for match scheduling it is assumed you are using UK times. If a match is not played due to a confusion over times, then the player acting in accordance with the correct UK time will be deemed to be in the right. Note: UK times changes between GMT (winter) and GMT+1 (summer)

4. Every coach is limited to one team only in the main league, but may participate in as many other side competitions as they have time for. If a league team is re-rolled, the original team may never return to the main leagues. Racial capping will be suspended for Season 27 and be reviewed every season while new races are released. A newly released race should not be capped, however we reserve the right to amend this if a race has highly excessive demand.

5. Your forum name should match your in-game name.

Periods of Extended Absence

6. In the event a coach is going to be away for a period of time which will cause them to miss a scheduled game, they will be required to post this information in the Absences forum for their division. Please refer to the section on Forced Scoring for more information on how missing matches will affect you.


Arranging League Matches

7. The league match days should run from Wednesday to the following Tuesday with the roll over occuring on a Tuesday night. The Divisional Admins will advance the match day in game and will endeavour to post the match fixture threads, in your division, some days before. These threads must be used by the appropriate coaches to arrange their match.

8. Once the fixture lists are up, you must post by Friday night or 3 days after the fixtures are posted, whichever is later, letting your opponent know your match availability. This is to ensure both coaches have sufficient time to get the match played before the deadline (the following Tuesday or 7 calendar days from the rollover). It is viewed that a minimum of 2 evenings or weekend daytimes (UK timezone) is acceptable for match day availability although everyone has bad weeks. If you frequently offer less than this and the game goes unplayed Admins will start deciding in favour of your opponent. This is also the time to notify your opponent of any problems with PC or connection stability. You will need to do this in every fixture thread - you cannot expect your opponents to keep track of a general post alluding to your problems. If your PC or connection is continually unstable leading to multiple crashes and disconnects you may be asked to take no further part in the season until your problems are fixed. If in any doubt, notify! If you are unfortunate enough to be playing against a coach with PC or connection problems, you are still expected to follow all the rules associated with Disconnects, Match Conduct and Conceding below.

9. In the event you do not post within 3 calendar days and the match then goes unplayed by the deadline, the score will be adminned as a 2-0 victory in favour of your opponent (this admin result will also mean double winnings and MVP for your opponent and none for you). This penalty will obviously not be applied in the event it is deemed evident that the opposing coach is purposefully delaying things as a result of you missing the 3 day posting requirement. It is important to note that should a game go unplayed by the deadline, Admins will refer to the thread in the fixtures forum in order to make a decision about a fair outcome. They may at their absolute discretion consider other evidence, but are not obliged to. To play it safe, keep all match arrangements in thread. For more information about scoring for missed matches, please see the Forced Scoring section below. Coaches are expected to be in-game at the time agreed. Wherever possible if a coach is delayed they must make efforts to alert their opponent at the earliest opportunity, 15 minutes is a reasonable time to wait. Please post to the forums to indicate you were online at the agreed time, but please check back to the forums after a further 15 minutes again by posting in the fixture thread. If you are not able to wait for an opponent for the full 30 minutes in the event of a unavoidable delay then this should be indicated before you finalise a fixture time with your opponent.

10. Some coaches see last minute adjustments to Team Value as an integral part of the game. Some coaches may view this as gamesmanship, it is, but this is Blood Bowl and some coaches will try and play dirty tricks to give their team an advantage. This is not something that Admins are expected to police. However once the game is joined if a restart is required the inducements taken must be the same.

11. If a coach cannot make a fixture for a given game week, he is entitled to nominate a proxy player to play the match for him. He must notify his opponent, give reasonable notice, and ensure that all communication is visible to divisional Admins and Commissioners. For this reason, communication on the issue should be kept to the scheduling thread or at least the open forums if it is being arranged far in advance. Once the opposing coach has been notified that the missing coach proposes a proxy, and who that proxy will be, he can either accept the proxy match or reject it and claim the 2-0 adminned win. The decision is solely the challenged coach's to make, and he is at liberty to reject the proxy game without prejudice. No more than two games should actually be played by a proxy coach for any given team within one season or competition. The proxy rule is only intended to cover temporary absences, and where proposed should ideally be planned for well in advance. Please note any offered proxy must not be in a position to have any perceived conflict of interest that might arise where their team could be directly or indirectly affected by the match. Generally this will not permit another coach within the same division acting as another team's proxy. Divisional Admins will rule on a case by case basis if necessary.


12. When a disconnect occurs to you in BB2 you should have the opportunity to reconnect and continue the game and you must attempt to do this if able. If for some reason you cannot Cyanide will not record a result in game. In this event, the two affected coaches will have the option of agreeing between them what would be the fairest outcome had the game continued. Requesting the game is reset is an option at this stage. The Divisional Admin can therefore effectively wipe all record of the game and you will be free replay the game. It is not acceptable attempt to recreate the state of the game when the disconnect or crash happened. Any replay must be played from scratch, with the only exception to this is that you may agree in advance to replicate who kicks and who receives at the beginning of the match. In all other regards the match must be played afresh from Turn 1.

13. Sometimes when a game disconnects the outcome is already fairly obvious, barring outrageous luck. Admins have total discretion when deciding whether a match should be replayed, but it should be noted that if the coach with the advantage and the Admin both agree that a replay is not necessary then there is no pressure to have a replay, and it is not unsportsmanlike to refuse it.

14. If the coaches choose not to reset the game, each coach must individually PM the Divisional Admin their personal view on the correct result. It should be noted that the only possible in-game admin results that can be set are 2-0, 2-1, 0-0 with the 2-0 result being the only one where only one coach gets no winnings nor MVP). The result is not agreed until the Divisional Admin has received a PM from both coaches (and the agreed result is the same!). The Divisional Admin will then adjust the result accordingly. Divisional admins reserve the right to ignore the agreed result where it negatively affects the league competition.

15. If the two coaches cannot agree on a fair outcome, then the score will be adminned as the standard 2-0 result, penalising the player who initially disconnected. Any attempt to unfairly abuse this rule to override what was most likely to be a loss will be in contravention of Rule #1 of the Code of Conduct and may result in the offending coach being banned from the league. Any Divisional Admin can confer with the league Commissioners before arriving at a final decision, but they are empowered to resolve the situation on their own if they choose to do so. This obviously requires fair play and sportsmanship between our coaches which we're sure will not be a problem for the UKBBL.

Match Conduct

16. In line with the above information about Member Conduct, we expect players to mirror the ethos of the UKBBL in their actions and behave with respect toward their fellow players/opponents. This said, we are not playing Crown Green Bowling here and this game brings with it a certain degree of brutality and gamesmanship. We will therefore not address any match disputes which pertain to in-game fouling or tactics. There are no rules on the pitch. If this does not sit well, we suggest you purchase an online copy of Scrabble by Hasbro Games.

17. Furthermore, this is a competitive league. All coaches are expected to play competitively for the entire duration of a game. All coaches are expected to be aware of and implement correctly the concede rules (see below) when one coach wishes to stop playing. SPP farming and match rigging between coaches will not be tolerated. Preserving some of your players is OK. Huddling all eleven in a corner without the ball is not.


18. The official rules of the game (BB CRP) state: "A coach that concedes before setting up for a kick-off where he could only field 2 or less players suffers no additional penalties. If one coach concedes for any other reason then the winner gains all of the loser's winnings and MVP from this match. In addition, the loser automatically loses one Fan Factor and may not roll for a new one, and any players in the loser's team that have 51 SPPs or more will leave the team on a D6 roll of 1-3. Roll separately for each player with 51 or more SPPs to see if they leave."

19. We intend to enforce this rule for UKBBL matches. If someone concedes against you, your Divisional Admins need to be informed, and they in turn will inform the Commissioners. The necessary rolls will be made by the Commissioners and the coach will be expected to fire these players. Refusal to do so will result in the coach being expelled from the league. In addition to this, the UKBBL will impose a further penalty if the concede is not done at the very beginning of your turn. If that is the case, the player with the highest number of SPPs will automatically leave your team. This also applies to teams with no players above 51 SPPs.

20. Conceding *is* part of the game, and a perfectly valid tactic, but you need to notify your opponent at the beginning of your own turn that you are conceding and then you *must* wait for your opponent to acknowledge this in chat before hitting the Abandon Game button. Whilst waiting for the acknowledgement, the conceding player must make no moves but if they don't hear any acknowledgement within 2 mins of notifying their opponent then they can hit the Abandon Game button as normal. Some players don't watch the chat log so they may well miss such a comment the moment it is posted, but most players would check the chat if their opponent didn't move any of his players for 2 mins. Doing it any other way contravenes CoC #1 and #2. With the move to BB2 we have lost the ability to view the chat logs thus we would recommend taking a photo of your concede message on your phone.

Match Disputes

21. Any and all match disputes should be brought to the attention of your Divisional Admin in the first instance. It will be their responsibility to use existing precedent in order to resolve matters swiftly and amicably. If necessary, the Division Admin may request the players log onto Discord in order to resolve the matter and other Admins may be called upon to be present if it is deemed necessary. Again, any Divisional Admin can confer with the league Commissioners before arriving at a final decision, but they are empowered to resolve the situation on their own if they choose to do so.

Post-match sequence

23. Once the game has been played both coaches can validate the game themselves in the client, both coaches must also post to the Scheduling thread their confirmation of the final score, and both coaches must upload it to the UKBBL website. If you believe something in the CoC was breached in the game then DO NOT VALIDATE IN GAME but inform your Divisional Admin by PM. How to upload this will be described in the Forum's Help section. If you do not upload your match then the Division Tables will not be updated, and unicorns may cry. The game is not complete until the score is confirmed by both coaches and the result is uploaded. Furthermore, Divisional Admins have been instructed not to Validate games on the site unless the result is uploaded to the website. In the event that the game is uploaded twice, or if anything goes wrong with the upload process, then your Divisional Admin should be made aware via PM. Please note that you should upload your game files to the UKBBL website immediately after your game, certainly before you restart the game client (and preferably before you close it!) since restarting the client causes metadata and parts of the log to be lost and can prevent the upload processing correctly. You are advised to make your skill selections well in advance of your next fixture since you will not be able to play a match until your skill selection is made.

Seasons & Divisions

24. The structure of the league for Season 27 (Seeding Season) will be as follows:

For this first season of BB2 we are running a flat seeding season (all divisions are in the same tier). All coaches will be randomly drawn into one of the 12 divisions. In the following thread details of the playoffs for this season and the plans for the future struture League structure

25. Playoff positions, Promotions and relegations (only in later seasons) are determined by points and then TD diff. If TD diff is not sufficient to determine places then who won the fixture between the teams concerned will be the deciding factor. If that was a draw then we will resort to the "Coleman-Waldorf Method" which is to apply the following formula: (0.5xCAS caused this season)+(Total TDs scored this season) with which ever team has the greater total being placed higher in the table. If by some bizarre quirk of statistics they are still tied, the final criteria will the winner of a play-off match. Teams that finish 1st and 2nd in each division will get the opportunity to have a celebratory Spa day. This is an extra game, an admin loss, which means that any players MNG etc will be available for the next game but will also include -1 Fan Factor.

26. You are expected to play for the full Season. Repeat YOU ARE EXPECTED TO PLAY FOR THE FULL SEASON! Even if results go against you, and you consider your team unplayable, you are expected to show up for matches. Failure to arrange fixtures, not showing up for games or serial conceding will all result in being permanently ejected from the league. If you wish to re-roll at the beginning of the next season that is fine, and you will rejoin the league either on the bottom tier or you may choose to enter the Conference. If you choose the latter you will receive no preferential treatment ahead of the other Reserve List members and will have to earn your slot in the main leagues. Every once in a while, real life throws you a curve ball and you may be physically incapable of finishing the season. In this case, please contact your Divisional Admin or the Commissioners to explain the situation. As much detail as you can spare will improve your case. Just citing "RL" is unlikely to cut it.

27. You cannot "sit out" a season and expect to rejoin at the level you were previously at, although the Commissioners may permit this if space allows and they are having a good day. If you miss a season, you will most likely rejoin at the bottom tier with a new team. You may at the Commissioner's discretion be allowed to jump the queue ahead of the Reserve List.


28. We have recently moved to using Discord for both instant messenger and voice chat. It is very easy to use and you can install it on your pc and mobile devices. Whilst this isn't mandatory, we would encourage all members to download this software and jump on the server for some general banter. We believe this will really add to the experience especially if several matches are going on at one time. You can find the Discord server details in the forums.Discord Details


29. Streaming of games has become more popular recently both by our in-house stream and coaches within the league. Some people are less happy than others to have their matches streamed and we have some, but not complete, ways to opt out. It must be remembered that your games can be watched by other people whether or not streaming occurs! It is the responsibility of the streamer to ensure they do not overtly criticise other coaches play, we are a friendly community and wish it to stay that way! This also applies to moderating the comments by viewers of your stream.

- In our in-house stream if you wish for your game not to be streamed then you need to PM gcoleman76 at the start of EVERY season.

- For streams by coaches then it is a requirement to inform your opponent before the start of the game (ideally in the MD thread) that you will be streaming the game.

Additional Rules

30. We are currently using all of the new rules included in BB2. This includes the Bank (compulsory), Ageing, Market Place and Stadium Upgrades. The optional rules will be assessed every season and may be changed. This can include banning some/all of the stadium upgrades retrospectively, you have been warned!!!

31. Players need to familiarise themselves with the official bug list. Some of these bugs can be quite severe and affect the outcome of a game. One known bug is the ability to use a team re-roll to try and catch the ball after a blitz kickoff event which is not allowed within the Bloodbowl rules. A high level of sportsmanship is required from UKBBL players. We are first and foremost a community which plays Blood Bowl, not just a source of weekly fixtures. You will almost certainly face an opponent many times over a number of seasons. Admins are empowered to uphold these standards and have both the power and the freedom to impose penalties if they judge a coach in their division has not behaved in a sportsmanlike fashion. There is no point getting into further specifics about how bugs might affect players since bugs in this game can have unforeseeable consequences, and furthermore those consequences can be of a different order of magnitude depending on when they occur. Please follow the golden rule and treat others how you would hope to be treated yourself should a game changing bug occur.

32. If you think your opponent has violated any of the rules above to gain an advantage, please bring it to your Divisional Admin's attention. If there is any dispute regarding any of the rules above, then a replay can be sent to your Divisional Admin or uploaded to the website in order to facilitate a judgement.

This version up to date as of Season 27.